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For a limited time, we’re offering 50% off for training and certification at Data + AI Summit with the following code: FLS4vop5ep. This offer expires after June 25, 2023. Register today and add training to receive the discount.

Nearly 90% of those with Databricks Certifications indicated that their certifications increased their career opportunities. This year, Databricks Training and Certification is returning to Data + AI Summit in San Francisco from June 26-29.

Databricks will offer hands-on training across 15 courses covering different topic areas, from AI/Machine Learning, including Generative AI, to data engineering and more. These courses are targeted towards data, analytics, and AI professionals. In addition, we will make these certification exams complimentary (value: $200 USD each):

  • Data Engineer Associate Certification Exam
  • Data Engineer Professional Certification Exam
  • Associate Developer for Apache SparkTM Certification Exam
  • Data Analyst Associate Certification Exam
  • Machine Learning Associate Certification Exam
  • Machine Learning Professional Certification Exam

Attendees who successfully pass a Databricks Certification exam will be awarded a Databricks Certified jacket and access to our exclusive Databricks Certified Lounge.2

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2 The final Databricks Certified jacket may differ from the image above.

Check out the course highlights below for a preview of our training programs:

Course #1: Building and Deploying Large Language Models (LLMs)
Description: Upskill on the latest developments in LLMs for real-world natural language processing (NLP) use cases. Learners will develop, fine-tune, and deploy their own LLMs, leveraging foundational models such as GPT and BERT.

Course #2: End-to-End ETL with Databricks
Description: Learn how to leverage the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to productionalize ETL pipelines. Learners will use Delta Live Tables with Spark SQL and Python to define and schedule pipelines that incrementally process new data from a variety of data sources into the Lakehouse.

Course #3: Data Analysis With Databricks SQL
Description: Get an introduction to Databricks SQL and find out how you can achieve high performance while directly querying on your organization’s data lake. Using Databricks SQL, learners will practice writing and visualizing queries.

Register now for training and certification at Data + AI Summit and save 50% today! 

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