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The future of healthcare relies on data collaboration: how IQVIA and the Databricks Lakehouse enable better outcomes

Bill Zanine
Michael Sanky
Adam Crown
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The ability to ingest, unify, and share healthcare data plays a foundational role in driving new innovations, advancing medical research, and improving patient outcomes. When every person in the world is expected to generate approximately 270 GB of healthcare and life science data each year [IDC], organizations that can tap into the full potential of all of this data are seeing measurable results.

Life sciences digital and analytics leaders found digital and analytics investments drove a 5-to-15 percent bottom-line improvement over the past five years [McKinsey]. Moreover, leaders who share data externally may generate three times more measurable economic benefit than those who do not [Gartner].

Despite the tremendous growth in the volume and variety of data generated over the last decade in healthcare, and the potential to both increase the top-line while reducing costs, traditional methods of data unification and sharing have presented challenges that prohibit many healthcare and life sciences organizations from achieving these outcomes.

With the Databricks Lakehouse, the new Databricks Marketplace, and leading data-sharing companies like IQVIA, we're making it even easier to ingest, unify, and derive insights. Let's dive in.

The challenge of unifying data

The healthcare data sharing ecosystem is growing every year, yet integrating data across these diverse sources poses challenges for healthcare organizations. Siloed data repositories, varying data formats, and incompatible systems make it difficult to derive holistic insights in a timely manner. Traditional data integration methods, like manual data transfers or rigid ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, often prove inadequate and result in delays, errors, and an incomplete picture of the patient population. Further, data quality, privacy, and compliance concerns add complexity to centralizing data.

Unlocking the potential of data sharing with IQVIA & Databricks

IQVIA is the global leader in healthcare data analytics and technology solutions with over 1 million data feeds providing access to 1.2B+ non-identified patient records and 100B+ healthcare records processed annually in over 100 countries. IQVIA and Databricks, the data and AI company, are empowering organizations with seamless access to shared data and accelerated insights. With data sharing on the Databricks Marketplace, customers can tap into IQVIA's vast data assets, including a wealth of real-world evidence, sales and prescription data, and healthcare claims information.

The integration of IQVIA's data assets with Databricks Lakehouse architecture enables secure, scalable, and efficient data sharing, facilitating collaborative research, personalized medicine advancements, next-best commercial applications as well as evidence-based decision-making. This partnership is bridging the gap between data silos, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration, and unlocking the full potential of shared data to drive innovation and improve patient outcomes in the healthcare and life sciences industries.

Delta Sharing with the Databricks Lakehouse enables seamless and secure data sharing across organizations in real-time, eliminating the need for complex ETL processes or data transfers. Delta Sharing also incorporates robust data governance and security measures to ensure customer privacy and regulatory compliance.

“Delta sharing technology is changing how our customers interact and leverage IQVIA data to get more value with less effort. In collaboration with Databricks, Life Sciences organizations can now access the unparalleled value of IQVIA data in the Databricks Marketplace, empowering our customers to gain invaluable insights for informed and impactful transformations.”
— Bill Zanine, Head of US Data Management, Channel & Specialty, IQVIA

Learn more about the Databricks Marketplace and become a data sharing partner today

The Databricks Marketplace is an open marketplace for all your data, analytics and AI, powered by the open source Delta Sharing standard. The Databricks Marketplace expands your opportunity to deliver innovation and advance all your analytics and AI initiatives.

Obtain data sets as well as AI and analytics assets — such as ML models, notebooks, applications and dashboards — without proprietary platform dependencies, complicated ETL or expensive replication. This open approach allows you to put data to work more quickly in every cloud with your tools of choice.

If you are interested in becoming a data provider on the marketplace, sign-up and please choose "Marketplace" as the program of interest.

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