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The countdown is on for the highly anticipated Data + AI Summit! Whether you're joining us in person or virtually, get ready for an incredible lineup of keynotes, talks, training, demos, and workshops taking place from June 26 to 30.

If you're specifically interested in data and AI governance and sharing sessions, look no further! In this blog, we have handpicked some of the most valuable content from Databricks employees, customers, and partners. Additionally, you can explore the full range of data governance and sharing sessions in the Data + AI Summit catalog. Don't miss out on this opportunity to delve into these important topics!

Data and AI governance and sharing talks by Databricks


Don't miss the opportunity to join Matei Zaharia, Co-founder and CTO at Databricks, on June 28th as he dives into the latest capabilities offered by Databricks Unity Catalog, our flagship governance solution for data, analytics, and AI. This keynote will showcase how Databricks empowers customers on their governance journey, driving data and AI success. This keynote is not to be missed!

Additionally, join Zaheera Valani, Senior Director of Engineering at Databricks, on June 28th to delve into the power of Databricks Lakehouse as the ultimate platform for your data sharing and collaboration workloads. Gain valuable insights into the latest announcements to enhance your data collaboration capabilities. Mark your calendar!

Breakout sessions

If you're new to Databricks Unity Catalog and want to understand its fundamentals, join the Introduction to Data and AI Governance on the Lakehouse session.  For a deeper understanding of the latest developments, the product team will provide an in-depth discussion on the latest features and roadmap in the What’s New in Unity Catalog session, allowing you to ask any questions on the upcoming roadmap. If you're a hands-on practitioner seeking practical insights, don't miss the Technical Deep Dive session on Unity Catalog. Our product specialists will share valuable tips, tricks, migration guides, and best practices, empowering you to make the most of Unity Catalog in your day-to-day work.

Explore the new Lakehouse Federation in the session that delves into new capabilities in Unity Catalog to help you break down siloes across disparate data sources and enable a unified view of your entire data estate with consistent governance. This session is not to be missed! Additionally, you can explore the session on How to Reliably Monitor Your Data and Model Quality in the Lakehouse with Unity Catalog.

In the rapidly evolving era of generative AI and LLMs, the governance of AI is becoming just as crucial as data governance. That's why we have a range of sessions dedicated to this topic. Join us for the enlightening sessions on  What's New in Data Science and Machine Learning and Maximizing Value From Your Data with Lakehouse AI. These sessions will unveil how Unity Catalog empowers you to achieve comprehensive governance over MLOps, covering every aspect from end to end. Gain valuable insights and discover the power of the Unity Catalog in ensuring effective governance for your AI initiatives.

In addition, we have an exclusive session dedicated to showcasing the benefits of Unity Catalog in simplifying data observability within the lakehouse environment

Today, organizations are also looking to share their data and AI assets outside their organization and maximize the business value. With Unity Catalog's native support for Delta Sharing, the world's first open standard for secure data sharing, you can seamlessly share data and AI assets across platforms. Elevate your cross-cloud, cross-platform, and cross-region data collaboration and sharing efforts by joining our product team as they delve into the latest features in data sharing and collaboration on the lakehouse. From seamless data sharing to privacy-safe clean rooms, we have everything covered in this session. Explore the Databricks Marketplace session, where our product team showcases how we are reimagining data marketplaces, fostering an ecosystem that enables an open exchange of not just data but also ML models, notebooks, dashboards, and applications, while introducing new monetization opportunities. Don't miss the panel discussion with industry leaders on the importance of open standards for data sharing and the transformative impact of data marketplaces.

Furthermore, Databricks offers the following sessions conducted by our experts that could be of great interest to meet your data and AI governance and sharing needs

Talks by Customers

The community-driven Data + AI Summit brings together decision-makers and practitioners from diverse industries, offering an unparalleled opportunity to network, learn, and address common challenges in data and AI governance and sharing.

Join speakers from Databricks customers such as Warner Bros Discovery, Amgen, Akamai, Comcast, Nationwide Insurance, YipitData, Condé Nast, Grab, Instacart, SEEK, and many more as they discuss their experiences leveraging Unity Catalog to implement scalable, enterprise-grade governance model.

Gain real-world insights from Hitachi Solutions, S&P Global, Comcast Effectv, PumpJack Dataworks, and others on how Databricks Lakehouse facilitates secure data sharing and collaboration across various industries.

Talks by Partners

Databricks' commitment to a thriving partner ecosystem is the driving force behind its success in enabling customers with powerful data and AI capabilities. Join informative sessions by esteemed partners spanning data governance, consulting, industry expertise, and data providers. Discover how Databricks empowers organizations across diverse industries to unlock the full potential of their data governance and sharing initiatives, leveraging the collective strengths of the partner ecosystem. Gain insights from notable partners such as Immuta, Collibra, Privacera, Monte Carlo, Habu, Snowplow, and many others, including AccuWeather, LiveRamp, Healthverity, Exponam, Accenture, KPMG, Avanade, Infosys, Ernst & Young LLP, Booz Allen Hamilton, Slalom, Monad, ORAYLIS GmbH


Don't miss out! Register for the Data + AI Summit now to unlock access to an incredible lineup of sessions, demos, and talks. Take full advantage of this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of data and AI. Best of all, virtual registration is completely free! Browse through the Data + AI Summit catalog to discover the exciting sessions.

Join us at Data + AI Summit 2023 to learn more.

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