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A guide to Databricks SQL and Data Warehousing talks at Data + AI Summit 2023

Cyrielle Simeone
Miranda Luna
Shant Hovsepian
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It's been only 18 months since we announced Databricks SQL general availability - the serverless data warehouse on the Lakehouse - and we are thrilled and humbled by the adoption and impact it has gained in the community. With thousands of customers worldwide, and already over $100 million in recurring revenue, Databricks SQL is one of the fastest growing product at Databricks, confirming that the best data warehouse is a lakehouse!

To learn more, simply watch our most recent virtual event The Case for Moving to the Lakehouse co-presented with Fivetran and dbt, and we will have much more coming at Data + AI Summit. Below is a list of related sessions, tutorials, and trainings for you to dive in.


Join us on Wednesday, June 28, where we will be announcing new capabilities related to Generative AI, data and AI governance, and Databricks SQL. To give you a sneak peak, we will cover how we are radically rethinking the system building to achieve the next level performance and ease-of-use with AI on the Lakehouse.


We also have a fantastic lineup of speakers and sessions throughout the conference. Join experts from Akamai, AT&T, Michelin, Banco Bradesco, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Fivetran, MongoDB, Databricks and more for real-life examples and deep dives on Databricks SQL and Data Warehousing on the Lakehouse.


Customer Talks

Community Talks

Databricks Talks

Free Tutorial


  • You can also join our Paid Training | Introduction to Databricks SQL and Paid Training | Data Analysis with Databricks SQL on Monday June 28 for a hands-on experience!

Next Steps

You can browse through our entire sessions catalog from Data + AI Summit 2023 too! Top experts, researchers and open source contributors from Databricks and across the data and AI community will speak at Data + AI Summit, so you will be in good company!

Join us at Data + AI Summit 2023 to learn more.

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