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Introducing the latest integrations available in Partner Connect

Enhance the capabilities of your lakehouse with two new validated partner solutions
Riley Maris
Zaheera Valani
Maraki Ketema
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In today's data-driven world, organizations continuously seek innovative solutions to enhance their data intelligence and security. With that in mind, we are excited to announce two new integrations in Databricks Partner Connect: Alation and Hunters. These partnerships extend the power of the lakehouse, with Alation enabling seamless data discovery, collaboration, and governance, and Hunters empowering proactive threat detection and response.

By leveraging these integrations, organizations can unlock the full potential of their data assets, make well-informed decisions, and improve their security posture.

Data Governance


Alation helps organizations create a centralized and searchable catalog of their data assets. With Alation, businesses can efficiently discover, understand, and utilize their data, leading to improved data governance, data quality, and decision-making processes. Integration with Unity Catalog enables Alation to provide visibility across all of the organization's workspaces as well as the source systems, analytics, and AI tools.

The trial available via Databricks Partner Connect is a great way to explore Alation and learn with self-guided tours that teach you how to use Alation for data discovery, analysis, and governance. Get started with a free 14-day trial and learn more here.



The Hunters SOC Platform enables Databricks customers to build a security data lake effortlessly and run their security operations on top of it. The platform offers a library of prebuilt integrations, seamless ingestion, and ETL capabilities for all security data. It also provides hundreds of built-in, always up-to-date detection mechanisms across surfaces while reducing false positives by correlating dispersed signals and alerts on a graph.

Hunters' auto-investigation capabilities enrich alerts with contextual information, facilitating efficient triage and prioritizing alerts based on their risk level. Additionally, users can search and respond to incidents quickly using purpose-built search capabilities, entity views, and direct access to raw data on their Databricks lakehouse.

To get started, simply select the Hunters tile in Databricks Partner Connect or request a demo of the full SOC Platform experience.

Customer spotlight

RaceTrac unlocks the power of real-time data to maximize insights

As the gas flows at a RaceTrac retail service station, so does data – a lot of data. On average RaceTrac handles more than 260 million transactions per year across four lines of business. When they chose to unify their data on Databricks, RaceTrac used Alation to help identify which data to migrate. Alation also extends data discovery, governance, and catalog capabilities to all of RaceTrac's data. Together, Alation and Databricks break down silos and provide a unified view of the organization's data. Coupled with real-time analytics and reporting, this single source of truth supports data-driven decisions across the enterprise.

"Alation is crucial to making data a trusted asset throughout the organization. We use it to enable evidence-based analytics and more strategic business decisions. And it's critical to smarter cloud usage; we gain valuable insights about our data, which help us maintain a cloud environment, provide access to everyone, and foster a data-driven culture. This means we have a clear understanding of which data to migrate, and our data teams can easily find and understand high-quality data within the Databricks Lakehouse Platform with detailed contextual metadata. This improved visibility empowers our teams to enhance analytical models and make confident, data-driven decisions." — Raghu Jayachandran, Senior Manager of Enterprise Data at RaceTrac

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