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Introducing New Partner Integrations in Partner Connect

Five validated partner solutions extend the power of your lakehouse
Riley Maris
Zaheera Valani
Maraki Ketema
Hiral Jasani
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We are delighted to introduce five new integrations in Databricks Partner Connect, a one-stop portal that makes it easy to discover and integrate data, analytics and AI solutions with your lakehouse. These validated solutions help users establish a semantic data layer for their lakehouse, sync mission-critical data to strategic destinations, and connect to powerful BI and analytics platforms to help your organization become more data-driven.

Notably, we have added three partner integrations to the BI and visualization category, as well as the first integrations for both the reverse ETL and semantic layer categories. This continues our mission of bringing innovative partner integrations to our customers through Partner Connect.

Take a look at what's new!

BI and visualization

Preset is a modern cloud data visualization and exploration platform powered by Apache Superset, the leading open source business intelligence platform. Preset makes it easy to build interactive charts and dashboards on top of your Databricks Lakehouse using its no-code chart builder that generates queries on the analyst's behalf. Charts and dashboards can be managed as code or embedded externally in third-party applications.

Qlik Sense
Qlik Sense, a complete data analytics solution, is now integrated with Databricks Partner Connect. With this integration, you can now automatically connect to Qlik Sense directly from within the Databricks Lakehouse Platform through an existing Qlik tenant or a free trial. This makes it easier to combine data from hundreds of sources and generate insights using Qlik's interactive dashboards. Learn more about the integration here.

ThoughtSpot's mission is to create a more fact-driven world with the easiest-to-use analytics platform. With ThoughtSpot, anyone can leverage natural language search and AI to find data insights and tap into the most cutting-edge innovations the cloud data ecosystem offers, including the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Learn more about Databricks and ThoughtSpot here.

Reverse ETL

The world's leading Data Activation platform, Hightouch empowers Databricks users to easily send data to strategic destinations by syncing the business rules defined in the lakehouse directly into SaaS tools. All business teams, from sales and marketing to support and customer success, need relevant, accurate, and real-time customer data to add critical context inside the software they already use. Hightouch supports more integrations than any other tool available today — all with SQL and no scripts. Learn how easy it is to launch your own Hightouch workspace from directly within Partner Connect here.

Semantic layer

Stardog is the ultimate semantic data layer to get better and more accurate insights faster. The Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform operates with your lakehouse to unite your data, unleash insight, and accelerate returns from your investment. By connecting enterprise data and overlaying business semantics, knowledge graphs facilitate more agile data operations, reduce the cost of data integration, and help generate powerful insights answering complex business questions. Data and analytics teams can quickly establish a data fabric that evolves with their organization's growing needs. Learn more about how to get started with Stardog on Databricks.

Customer spotlight

Flyr grows their business with live analytics on their lakehouse data

In an industry filled with unpredictability, European airline Flyr takes a data-first approach leveraging Databricks and ThoughtSpot to make informed decisions, provide the best customer experience and scale their company. With self-service search and Liveboards, anyone at Flyr can search across all their lakehouse data in ThoughtSpot in a matter of seconds to create actionable insights. The new ThoughtSpot integration in Databricks Partner Connect allows users at Flyr to jump right into asking questions and deriving insights from their lakehouse data. Flyr can now respond more quickly to ever-changing customer demands and shifts in costs and strategically plan its flight routes to maximize cost-effectiveness with granular, in-the-moment insights. As a result, Flyr has saved on fuel prices, expanded its routes to serve customer demand, and improved decision-making on all platforms, from sales to distribution.

"We were really excited to learn about ThoughtSpot and the opportunity to leverage the data we built in Databricks." - Martin Stangeland, VP Data and Analytics, Flyr

Nauto uses predictive AI on the lakehouse to make roads safer

Nauto delivers AI-powered fleet management software that coaches drivers to reduce collisions and save lives. For years, Nauto relied on fragile point-to-point integrations as it took new orders, processed payments, shipped hardware to customers, and managed customer subscriptions to its cloud data processing services. With Hightouch and Databricks, Nauto established a single source of truth in the lakehouse and syncs data to Salesforce and Netsuite, eliminating the complex series of scripts and spreadsheets it previously used to track data changes. With the Hightouch integration in Databricks Partner Connect, data workers at Nauto can sync data from multiple sources with ease, helping stakeholders across Nauto make strategic decisions that drive the company forward.

Learn more in the full customer spotlight, here.

"Hightouch allows us to throw away all of the complexity and simply write SQL to move our data out of Databricks. I don't have to go through all the hoops of adding a new field in Netsuite or Salesforce and make sure there isn't a conflict somewhere else." - Ernest Prabhakar, Business Data Lead, Nauto

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