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This year's Data and AI Summit is truly a "can't miss" event - with 240+ technical sessions, keynotes, meetups and more. We can't wait to see you in person in San Francisco June 26-29, or virtually on-line for free June 28-29. It's not too late to register here!

This year, we really wanted to find new ways to engage our virtual audience and provide interesting content that covers the most top-of-mind topics. That's why we're excited to introduce "Live from the Lakehouse" , a live-streamed event filled with educational, insightful, and inspirational discussions from some of the most notable community members.

Live From the Lakehouse consists of a series of candid conversations between our four hosts – Ari Kaplan, Pearl Ubaru, Holly Smith, and Jimmy Obeyini – and industry leaders and influencers, as well as Databricks co-founders, product teams, and more. Some of our guests include: Advancing Analytics co-founder Simon Whiteley, author Adi Polak, Databricks co-founder Matei Zaharia, fivetran co-founder Taylor Brown, open source expert Vini Saiswal, dbt Labs co-founder Drew Banin, community leader Denny Lee, and over a dozen more. Topics will range across data, AI, LLMs, ethics, governance, Databricks technology and key announcements, bringing the online experience closer to the action.

Summit is all about collaboration. Here is a sampling of what to expect on "Live from the Lakehouse":

  • A breakdown of the latest technical trends across data and AI
  • Hear from industry experts about how the lakehouse architecture is impacting their business in real life
  • Best practices from experts and influencers on Delta Lake and and other open source projects
  • "What's next?" product roadmaps from the Databricks product management teams
  • Deep dives into Unity Catalog and Databricks use cases that leverage generative AI, including Dolly and beyond
  • Updates from our partner ecosystem, including dbt Labs, Dataiku, and Fivetran
  • Data ethics and AI and considerations on bias, privacy, and transparency
  • Overviews of Databricks Marketplace, the open marketplace for all your data, analytics, and AI through open source Delta Sharing
  • How to fully manage compute resources through Serverless Databricks SQL, giving instant access, easier management, and lower costs
  • How to be a part of the Databricks community year-round

Our hosts have unique backgrounds and experiences:

  • Pearl Ubaru is a previous data scientist and currently a Technical Marketing Engineer at Databricks.
  • Ari Kaplan is head of evangelism, known as a "Moneyball" innovator in sports analytics, and the former President of the worldwide Oracle Users Group.
  • Holly Smith is a Solutions Architect at Databricks, winning "20 in Data and Technology 2020" and "Tech Women 100 in 2021".
  • Jimmy Oyeniyi is a Strategic Account Executive at Databricks, working with some of the most impressive implementations of data and AI.

Catch the "Live from the Lakehouse" online livestream on Wednesday, June 28 from 8:00am-5:30pm, and Thursday, June 29th from 8:00am-4:30pm. Whether you join us from San Francisco or from your couch, our goal is to bring people together to learn and connect in a virtual environment. We can share so much more, but now it's your turn to discover what the Data and AI Summit has to offer.

If you haven't yet registered, it's not too late to do so here. As always, the virtual pass is completely free — we look forward to seeing you!

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