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Now Available: New Generative AI Learning Offerings

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Announcing a new portfolio of Generative AI learning offerings on Databricks Academy

Enroll in the Large Language Models: Application through Production on Databricks Academy today!

Generative AI–such as ChatGPT and Dolly–has become foundational to the future success of companies. Staying competitive in this market requires upskilling and training your staff to leverage Generative AI.

Databricks is committed to ensuring the learning and application of Generative AI–including Large Language Models (LLMs)–is accessible to all from technical and business leaders to data practitioners, such as Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers. We are thrilled to announce several new learning offerings focused on Generative AI:

Learning Offering #1: LLMs: Application through Production – now available!

Audience: Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and Developers

Description: This course focuses on how to build LLM-focused applications with the latest and most well-known frameworks. Additionally, the course will cover how to apply LLMs to real-world problems in NLP using popular libraries, such as Hugging Face and LangChain, how to understand the differences among pre-training, fine-tuning, and prompt engineering, and apply that knowledge to fine-tune a custom chat model, and more. This course includes lectures from industry experts, including Matei Zaharia (CTO Databricks and Associate Professor of CS at Stanford) and Harrison Chase (Co-Founder and CEO of LangChain). This course requires an intermediate-level experience with Python and working knowledge of machine learning and deep learning.

By the end of this course, you will have built an end-to-end LLM workflow that is ready for production.

Learning Offering #2: Generative AI Fundamentals Course – now available!

Audience: Technical and business leaders

Description: This course focuses on how Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)–including LLMs–can be used to revolutionize practical AI applications, how organizations can successfully identify and implement Generative AI applications, and how to recognize and mitigate potential legal and ethical considerations of using Generative AI. This course has no prerequisite knowledge or skills.

Learning Offering #3: LLMs: Foundation Models from the Ground Up – now available!

Audience: Data Scientists & ML Engineers

Description: This course dives into the details of foundation models in large language models (LLMs). You will learn the innovations that led to the proliferation of transformer-based models, including BERT, GPT, and T5, and the key breakthroughs that led to applications such as ChatGPT. Additionally, you will gain understanding about the latest advances that continue to improve LLM functionality including Flash Attention, LoRa, AliBi, and PEFT methods. This course requires intermediate-level experience with Python, understanding of deep learning concepts, and hands-on experience with PyTorch.

All of these trainings will be available on Databricks Academy, where you can find learning resources ranging from on-demand trainings for role-based learning pathways and new product information to exam overviews to prepare for Databricks Certifications.


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