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Now Generally Available: All users can now establish a connection to Fivetran via Partner Connect

Maraki Ketema
Yuanchao Ma
Qihua Wang
Hiral Jasani
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We're thrilled to announce the general availability of Fivetran access in Partner Connect for all users. This innovation makes it 10x easier for all users to ingest data into Databricks using Fivetran. This is a huge win for all Databricks customers as they can now bring data into the Lakehouse from hundreds of connectors Fivetran offers, like Salesforce and PostgreSQL.

What is Partner Connect?

Partner Connect is a one-stop portal for customers to quickly discover a broad set of validated data, analytics, and AI tools and easily integrate them with their Databricks Lakehouse across multiple cloud providers. Partner Connect makes it easy for customers to integrate validated data, analytics, and AI tools directly within their Databricks Lakehouse. Additionally, Partner Connect transforms how technology partners integrate with Databricks by providing deep integrations that easily reach thousands of customers natively within the platform.

How does Fivetran work in Partner Connect?

Before this innovation, only admins with elevated privileges were allowed to establish a workspace-level connection to Fivetran via Partner Connect. If any other user wanted to use the connection, they would have to go through the tedious task of asking an admin to create a connection or figure out who established the connection and request to be added to the Fivetran trial. Alternatively, a user could use documentation to manually create a connection to Fivetran which can take hours. With this improvement, all users can now establish a connection to Fivetran via the native Partner Connect experience as long as they have the right permissions. To create a connection, a user can simply click on the Fivetran tile and select a catalog where they have CREATE SCHEMA permissions and a SQL Warehouse. Partner Connect will generate a Personal Access Token for the user and pass all relevant information necessary to establish a connection. Users will then be taken to the Fivetran website to sign in or up for a trial.

Partner Connect

Users can also navigate to a similar experience by selecting a Fivetran data source in the 'Add data' experience:

Fivetran Data Source

Data teams and analysts can now directly ingest data into their Databricks workspace in minutes. This removes the reliance on admin access and empowers all users to be more independent and agile in their data ingestion flow without sacrificing governance or security. Simplicity at its best!

"Databricks Partner Connect simplifies access to data and speeds up time-to-value for businesses. Now, anyone can bring the data they need to unlock its true potential on the Databricks Lakehouse. We're proud to expand on the positive impact we make on hundreds of joint customers like Condé Nast, YipitData, Red Ventures and Slice who are harnessing the power of the modern data stack with Fivetran and the Databricks Lakehouse."
— Andy Bhaduri, VP of Global Partners and Alliances, Fivetran

Getting started

Partner Connect is available for Databricks customers at no additional cost. To learn more about using Partner Connect as a customer, click here. Join us at a live, hands-on workshop to try Partner Connect and build automated data pipelines on the lakehouse with Fivetran and Databricks.

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