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Presenting New Partner Integrations in Partner Connect

Ingest, trust, and analyze data in The Data Intelligence Platform with these five validated solutions
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We are excited to introduce five new integrations in Databricks Partner Connect—a one-stop portal enabling you to use partner solutions with your Databricks Data Intelligence Platform data and seamlessly adopt the ones that align best with your business requirements.

Over the past quarter, we've added three partners to the Data Ingestion category and one to both Data Governance and Machine Learning. We've also expanded Partner Connect capabilities to support direct integrations with production deployments of partner products. What does this mean? The Monte Carlo integration is taking advantage of these capabilities so you can now connect directly to your Monte Carlo account from Databricks and start monitoring the quality of your production data pipelines. This underscores our commitment to make it easier than ever to connect to data and AI tools in the ecosystem.

Continue reading to learn more, including how customers like Burberry are leveraging these partners with Databricks!

Data Governance

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is a data observability platform that enables data and AI teams to automatically detect, resolve, and prevent data quality issues across the entire data stack, from ingestion in the data lakehouse down to the business intelligence layer. Monte Carlo gives organizations the tools like end-to-end field-level lineage, segmentation analysis, and more to conduct root cause and impact analysis on their most critical data pipelines. Monte Carlo also makes it easy for teams to track the reliability, performance, and query cost of data and AI products across domains. Mutual customers like ThredUp, Abacus Medicine, Comcast, and BairesDev that use Databricks to derive critical insights, build ML models, and launch generative AI initiatives can now more easily mitigate the negative impacts of bad data with Monte Carlo. Get started with data observability for the lakehouse today.

Machine learning


Dataiku is the platform for Everyday AI, enabling data experts and domain experts to work together to build data into their daily operations, from advanced analytics to Generative AI. Together, they design, develop and deploy new AI capabilities, at all scales and in all industries. The combination of Dataiku and Databricks make AI capabilities accessible to business teams, helping deliver scalable analytics through quick and secure access to data and ML models in Databricks. By leveraging the power of AI and lakehouse capabilities across data management and performance, business users within Dataiku can make informed decisions. Learn more about the powerful combination of Databricks and Dataiku here.

Data Ingestion


Census is the leading Data Activation and Reverse ETL platform that turns Databricks into a hub for business operations, so every team can take smarter, faster action. Census connects your lakehouse to 200+ SaaS tools without needing to build and maintain custom pipelines, so business users have a single source of truth that is current, complete, and consistent. Companies like YipitData and Plume build a Composable Customer Data Platform with Databricks to leverage AI/ML models and first-party data for real-time engagement, personalized customer experiences, and increased revenue.


RudderStack, a leading lakehouse-native Customer Data Platform (CDP), is built to help data teams deliver value across the entire data activation lifecycle, from collection to unification and activation across 200+ destinations. RudderStack's Event Stream and ETL pipelines make it easy for you to send clean data from every source to Databricks, where RudderStack supports Unity Catalog, automates identity resolution to build your customer 360, and enables activation and audiences via Reverse ETL pipelines. RudderStack gives you control of your customer data with powerful, flexible features like in-flight transformations and Data Governance, so you can deliver trustworthy data from your lakehouse to every team. Use Partner Connect to set up and launch a RudderStack workspace within Databricks. Read more on the RudderStack blog, and start a free trial of RudderStack today.


Snowplow, the leader in customer data collection, is now available on Databricks Partner Connect, making it easy for Databricks customers to quickly set up a Snowplow pipeline with just a few clicks. Users can now optimize customer acquisition, retention, and personalization directly from the Databricks UI with Snowplow for the data lakehouse. These strategies are powered by:

  1. Data collection infrastructure to capture behavioral event data, like web and mobile clickstream and media streaming, optimized for real-time delivery to the lakehouse
  2. Data quality management and alerting tooling, integrated with Databricks Unity Catalog
  3. Solution accelerators to optimize time-to-value for use cases across Media and Ecommerce analytics, as well as the composable CDP

Learn more about how to start expanding the possibilities of Snowplow Media or Ecommerce analytics with Databricks.

Customer Spotlights

Enabling accessible healthcare at Abacus Medicine

Copenhagen-based Abacus Medicine is working to make medicine more affordable and accessible for patients while saving costs for healthcare systems. The global pharmaceutical company buys and sells prescription pharmaceuticals across borders throughout the European Union — which involves complex data sourcing, handling, and quality assurance. The Abacus data platform is 100% in the cloud, leverages Databricks for business critical machine learning applications, and Monte Carlo's data observability platform to ensure the reliability and trust of the data powering their most critical analytics and operations.

"With Monte Carlo and Databricks, we've really seen the ratio of data assets to data engineers is decreasing. We spend less time profiling data and more time delivering data assets and insights to our stakeholders. As a result of this partnership, we've seen a decrease in our overall data downtime. The expected time-to-value is months for building your own data quality solution for the lakehouse, versus two to four weeks with buying a solution like Monte Carlo."
— Mariana Alves Monteiro, Data Engineering Team Lead, Abacus Medicine

Burberry leverages real-time behavioral data to deliver next gen, personalized customer experiences

As a global luxury brand with 413 stores worldwide and a revenue of £3.1 billion in fiscal year 2022-23, Burberry places its customer experience at the heart of its growth strategy. As third-party tracking has gone 'out of fashion' because it causes significant delays in data processing, Burberry relies on compliant first-party data to fuel growth. By implementing Snowplow and Databricks, Burberry is able to consume clickstream data on its own schedule, reducing data latency by 99% and allowing them to form an AI-ready customer 360 view. Furthermore, the luxury brand's in-store client advisors can now access details on their mobile devices about opted-in customers' recent online activities, delivering a better and more personalized customer experience.

"We're working on getting data latency down to five minutes, which is huge for a business like ours. Snowplow enabled us to replace multiple data sources and their transformations with a single set of definitions. And we lean on Databricks to combine many different behaviors from different sources and at different cadences. This is the beginning of a whole new age of customer service at Burberry."
— Benjamin Stephens, Senior Manager - Decision Analytics, Burberry

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