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Welcome to the Data Intelligence Platform: Databricks + Einblick

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At Databricks, we believe that AI will change the way that enterprises interact with their data. That’s why today, we're excited to welcome the Einblick team to Databricks. Einblick was founded by researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brown University, whose research explored the boundary of Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, and Natural Language Processing. The Einblick team has spent the last four years building an AI-native collaboration platform that helps users solve data problems with just one sentence. We are excited for the Einblick journey to continue at Databricks!

Einblick + Data Intelligence

The rise of generative AI is enabling a new generation of data systems: Data Intelligence Platforms. Unlike earlier generations of data infrastructure, Data Intelligence Platforms will natively provide natural language interfaces that give non-expert users access to insights and information, while also helping expert users move much faster. Data Intelligence helps users simply ask questions of their data platform and get detailed and high quality answers. The Einblick team has pioneered state-of-the-art techniques for translating natural language questions into the code, charts and models needed to generate insights. This not only requires applying the latest generative modeling capabilities but also highly optimizing them for the data-related questions.

The next wave of data tools must also understand more than general language to work well, they need to understand the jargon and semantic information specific to each company. By joining forces with Databricks, the ideas behind Einblick can be more powerfully extended through deep integration with the underlying data catalog.

The Einblick Story

Founded in 2019 by Emanuel Zgraggen, Philipp Eichmann and others, Einblick was an early innovator harnessing the power of natural language as a foundational UI principle. The team saw the potential for AI to enable non-technical users to glean advanced data insights from their early research experience at world class research programs like MIT and Brown. 

Einblick’s approach of integrating AI directly into the authoring surface enables users to seamlessly transform their thoughts into comprehensive data workflows. The Einblick team built a sophisticated multi-step architecture that processes raw user input, enhances it with relevant contextual information, and breaks it into smaller solvable chunks using SQL, Python, and higher level logical operators. They’ve been refining these AI systems and user experiences for several years and we are excited to combine this work with our industry leading data platform capabilities as a part of our vision of Data Intelligence.

"When we founded Einblick, our goal was to empower companies to do more with data, by creating the easiest and most collaborative data platform. Today marks a significant milestone as we join forces with Databricks to further our mission. I am thrilled to embark on this new journey with a company whose mission is to simplify and democratize data and AI."
— Emanuel Zgraggen, CEO and co-founder of Einblick

What’s Next

We’re thrilled to welcome Emanuel, Philipp and the talented Einblick team to Databricks. Like us, they believe that organizations need to deeply leverage data and AI to be successful in this new age. We look forward to incorporating Einblick's innovative, AI-native approach directly into the Databricks platform, enabling organizations to democratize data intelligence and create the next generation of data and AI applications with quality, speed and agility. Stay tuned in the coming months to hear more about our joint plans!

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