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We are thrilled to bring back the Data + AI World Tour, a virtual and in-person event series kicking off in November 2022 that will be bigger and better than ever! With events in 10 cities across the globe, join us for content, customers and speakers tailored to your specific region.

Every business today has one thing in common — data. To unlock the full potential of your data, you need an enterprise data platform that unifies all your data, analytics and AI. That's the definition of a lakehouse, which combines the reliability, strong governance and performance of data warehouses with the openness, flexibility and machine learning support of data lakes.

Databricks has built the world's first and only lakehouse platform in the cloud. Join us to discover why this open, multicloud platform is becoming the cloud data architecture of today's most data-driven companies. You'll also learn how to deliver your enterprise-wide data strategy faster with lakehouse, make all your data easier to use and manage, and accelerate collaboration and innovation across your data team.

Here's a short sneak peek at things you do not want to miss at Destination Lakehouse.

Speakers, sessions and breakouts tailored to your region

Join hundreds of your peers - virtually or in person - to explore the technical and business value of lakehouse. Each tour stop will feature data, analytics and AI experts, local Databricks customers, and industry visionaries such as Matei Zaharia, David Meyer, and Arsalan Tavakoli.

Keynote sessions will be followed by breakouts, offering product deep dives and training on data engineering, data analytics, data streaming, data science and machine learning. Topics include:

Destination Lakehouse: All Your Data, Analytics and AI on One Platform
In this session, learn how the Databricks Lakehouse Platform can meet your needs for every data and analytics workload and how you can create modern data solutions of your own. You will learn how the lakehouse paradigm unifies analytics, data engineering, data streaming, data science and machine learning workloads across clouds on one simple, open platform.

Data Warehousing on the Lakehouse
The data lakehouse is the best data warehouse. In this session, learn how Databricks SQL can help you lower costs and get started in seconds with instant, elastic SQL serverless compute, and how to empower every analytics engineers and analysts to quickly find and share new insights using their favorite BI and SQL tools, like Fivetran, dbt, Tableau or PowerBI.

Data Streaming on the Lakehouse
Streaming is the future of all data pipelines and applications. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions sooner and react faster, develop data-driven applications considered previously impossible, and deliver new and differentiated experiences to customers. However, many organizations have not realized the promise of streaming to its full potential because it requires them to completely redevelop their data pipelines and applications on new, complex, proprietary, and disjointed technology stacks.

ML on the Lakehouse: Accelerate AI Use Cases with a Data-centric Approach
We will dive into Databricks Machine Learning, a data-centric AI platform that spans the full machine learning lifecycle - from data ingestion and model training to production MLOps. You'll learn about key capabilities that you can leverage in your ML use cases and see the product in action.

Data-driven organizations share their data challenges and success stories

Our goal is to deliver content relevant to you and your organization's data challenges and needs. For each of our in-person and virtual destinations, we'll be featuring Databricks customer speakers from organizations, including Mercedes - Benz Tech Innovation, HSBC, AXA France and more, to share the details of their lakehouse journey – from the initial drivers to the lessons learned along the way. They'll also uncover the specific use cases they've tapped into and their future vision for their lakehouse architecture.

Free training for in person participants

We'll also offer all registered in person participants an opportunity to take part in a free training session on Databricks Lakehouse Foundations. Get up to speed on lakehouse by taking this course, where you'll get an introduction to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, Databricks SQL, Data Science and Engineering Workspace, and Databricks Machine Learning. After the course, you can take a short knowledge test and earn a badge to share with your professional network.

Join Us

This is just the beginning of what to expect at Data + AI World Tour! In person attendees will also have the opportunity to network with other industry professionals and interact with Databricks experts. As organizations across the globe spearhead their strategies for the future, it's the perfect time for data professionals to explore the next-generation of data platforms and how to leverage them for business success.

Join in on the Data + AI World Tour conversation in The Databricks Community. Engage with peers, share learnings and ideas, and network with the best minds in data. If you haven't already signed up for the Data + AI World Tour, register now for free to join the global data community!

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