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Welcoming Datajoy to Databricks

Reynold Xin
Chao Cai
Adam Conway

October 13, 2022 in Company Blog

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We are excited to announce that Datajoy will be joining Databricks to accelerate our mission to unlock the value of data for everyone. The promise of data-driven insights affects every industry, and the challenge of translating data into actionable insights through the use of analytics technologies is universal. Datajoy simplifies business teams’ ability to be more data-driven by removing the need for deep expertise in data engineering to make sense of their data. As a result, companies across every industry can more quickly discover insights to drive revenue growth, increase operational efficiency, and uncover new market opportunities. 

Datajoy’s best practice revenue metrics, performance dashboards, and ML-powered revenue performance insights are simple to deploy. The solutions are tailored to specific domains and verticals, yet remain customizable and extensible to fit every customers’ unique criteria. We believe Datajoy will help Databricks customers build upon the unique capabilities of the Lakehouse platform and will complement the vibrant ecosystem of tools offered by our partners.

“The opportunities presented by modern data technologies are immense, but few organizations have the ability to harness that potential,“ said Jon Lee, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Datajoy. “We built Datajoy to close that gap.”

With the aid of Datajoy, we will also expand and strengthen our library of “Solutions Accelerators.”  Along with our partners, we intend to deliver pre-built solutions that showcase the flexibility and power of the Lakehouse platform, while being as simple to deploy and manage as any modern cloud app. 

At Datajoy, we have an ambitious vision to create a single source of truth for all of the metrics that drive a business,” said Ken Wong, Co-founder and CEO of Datajoy. “I cannot imagine a better way to do that than to be a part of Databricks, the only platform capable of unifying all of the different types of data beneath those numbers.” 

We’re thrilled to welcome Ken and the Datajoy team to Databricks. Datajoy was backed by leading infrastructure software investors Foundation Capital, Quarry Ventures, Partech Partners, and Bow Capital. The Datajoy product and engineering team will join our expanding presence in the Pacific Northwest.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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