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We are thrilled to welcome the Prodvana team to Databricks. At Databricks, we are building one of the world’s largest multi-cloud platforms to support unprecedented growth of data and AI workloads. This platform launches more than 20 million virtual machines each day across the three major cloud platforms. It enables our customers to run their data and AI workloads without dealing with infrastructure details – all with enterprise-grade scalability, reliability, and consistency. The infrastructure powering this platform is one of our core competencies.

Prodvana has developed innovative methods to simplify the complexities of deployment in cloud-native environments through their managed delivery, infrastructure insights, and self-healing capabilities. At Databricks, we will leverage their expertise to help us deliver all kinds of infrastructure improvements, so we can deploy faster without sacrificing security, which ultimately benefits our customers.

“We founded Prodvana on the belief that intelligent automation and AI can truly transform infrastructure into a force multiplier that ensures correctness, error-free operations, and R&D acceleration. We are excited to join a company that shares our vision and commitment to innovation in infrastructure, ultimately making Databricks a seamless experience at immense scale,” said Andrew Fong, Co-Founder & CEO of Prodvana.

Why the Prodvana Team?

The Prodvana team has extensive experience building scalable and secure infrastructures for some of the world’s largest, most critical distributed systems – from YouTube to Dropbox. Prodvana’s co-founders, Andrew Fong and Naphat Sanguansin, were instrumental in building and scaling Dropbox’s world-class infrastructure to hundreds of millions of users. Many of Databricks’ early team members, including the co-founders, have been Dropbox users since our Berkeley days. So we’ve long been benefiting from Andrew and Naphat’s work, and we have all been consistently impressed by its reliability and performance!

The Road Ahead

We’re excited to welcome the Prodvana team as we push the boundaries of what's possible in software deployment and infrastructure management to delight our customers. Together, we will help data and AI teams solve the world’s toughest problems with the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey with the Prodvana team!

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