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Child Universal Success Platform by 3Si
Equipping governments with actionable child data

More than 20% of U.S. children ages 0–5 are currently represented in the Child Universal Success Platform (CUSP), an industry-leading early childhood integrated data system (ECIDS) solution. 3Si has developed CUSP to go beyond typical ECIDS implementations, integrating administrative sources of child data with a proprietary data model to provide the public sector with a picture of the entire child population, including which children are receiving which services, and which children could be but are not currently receiving services. To make this data accessible, CUSP includes a standard reporting platform and analytics library to manage custom reports. Since 3Si maintains CUSP as a SaaS ECIDS solution, implementation is rapid (less than a year) and enhancements are ongoing. With 3Si CUSP, you can:

  • Integrate client data with the CUSP model to represent all young children
  • Integrate disparate administrative data sets leveraging AI and inference
  • Maintain as a SaaS solution, with regular enhancements pushed to users

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