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Brickbuilder Solution

CPG Control Tower by Avanade

Industry-specific solution developed by Avanade and powered by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

CPG Control Tower by Avanade

CPG Control Tower by Avanade

Get control of your supply chain

Customer needs are shifting faster than ever before, and organizations in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry need better insights to outpace change across their business. Avanade’s solution, the CPG Control Tower, gives you unprecedented oversight of your supply chain and manufacturing operations. The solution can help you find valuable insights through a direct view of the data impacting your business, empowering smarter business decisions surrounding financial performance, operational excellence, risk and more. Use the Control Tower to produce a resilient, profitable and customer-centric supply chain.

  • Ability to model scenarios and impact on supply chain 2–3x faster
  • Reduction in idle “trapped” cash, adjusted use of credit lines, reduction of bank fees, and a more concentrated cash position
  • Avanade clients using CPG Control Tower have seen a greater than 10% return on investment as well as a 10%–12% sales increase
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