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Brickbuilder Solution

Intelligent Manufacturing

Industry-specific solution developed by Avanade and powered by Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Intelligent Manufacturing
Intelligent Manufacturing

AI is the solution for manufacturing

Lacking an awareness of the physical asset state carries a cost that is too large to ignore for manufacturers. Every year, businesses lose millions of dollars due to equipment failure, unscheduled downtime and lack of control in maintenance scheduling.​ Along with lost dollars, businesses will experience lower employee morale when stations are in and out of service. To solve for this, Avanade’s Intelligent Manufacturing solution supports connected production facilities and assets, workers, products and consumers to create value through enhanced insights and improved outcomes. With the solution, you can:

    • Realize value across the business: Improve outcomes across production (e.g., uptime, quantity/yield), worker experience and customer insights.
    • Operationalize team coordination and productivity: Enhance care team productivity with continuous and coordinated care team collaboration.
    • Utilize data: Harness your data, drive interoperability and provide enhanced insights at scale using analytics and AI.
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