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Legacy System Migration by Avanade
Move your data to unlock its full value

Azure Databricks is a key enabler for helping organizations scale AI and unlock the value of disparate and complex data. To achieve your AI aspirations and uncover insights that inform better decisions, you need to migrate your data to Azure Databricks to turn it into action and value. If you are looking to accelerate data transformation, Avanade can help you quickly move your data from proprietary and expensive legacy systems to drive operational efficiencies and speed up innovation on the lakehouse. No matter where you are in your data and AI maturity, there is still time and opportunity to transform the value driven from your data by migrating to the Azure Platform and leveraging Azure Databricks.

  • 2x faster access to data on the cloud through rapid migration strategy, tools and accelerators
  • 30% lower TCO through streamlined data migration journey

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