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Brickbuilder Solution

Renewable Energy Forecasting

Industry-specific solution developed by Celebal Technologies and powered by the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform

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Advanced energy forecasting for a resilient tomorrow

Leveraging their cutting-edge Power and Utility Forecasting Framework (PUFF), Celebal Tech expands their data and AI expertise into the realm of renewable energy prediction. This innovative solution delivers granular and holistic forecasts, encompassing diverse categories like load, generation, price and weather. PUFF sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating external factors like weather patterns and pricing, propelling forecasting accuracy to unprecedented levels. This empowers energy stakeholders to optimize resource allocation and planning, paving the way for a resilient and agile energy landscape. With Celebal Tech’s forecasting framework, you can:

  • Accurately predict renewable energy production
  • Ensure swift responses to supply and demand fluctuations
  • Reduce the risk of blackouts or disruption
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