Migrate to Databricks by Celebal Technologies
Quicker migration from on-premises at lower cost

Celebal Technologies has proven tools and accelerators to help you migrate from Hadoop, Snowflake, SAP Business Warehouse (BW) or HANA to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Their solution for migrating to Databricks from an on-premises/cloud Hadoop environment addresses the key challenges of scalability, performance and workload diversity to enable comprehensive analytics. By leveraging the capabilities of Databricks, Celebal Technologies helps leading enterprises with an SAP BW or HANA footprint to optimize data processing with a suite of comprehensive analytics solutions. Lastly, migrating from Snowflake to Databricks can significantly reduce costs and increase performance. Celebal Technologies helps you move ETL workloads, use Databricks to run SQL queries and deploy ready-to-go ML/AI use cases that:

  • Save you up to 40% in costs and 60% in time due to automatic schema and data migration
  • Provide better control over the data migration process
  • Reduce the cost of scaling data management and analytics

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