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Cloud Data Migration Factory by Cognizant
End-to-end technology migration solution

Organizations operate large sets of applications and databases that they wish to migrate to cloud platforms, but often struggle to identify migration tools that reliably and cost-effectively enable their business cases. Cognizant’s Cloud Migration Factory is an end-to-end technology migration solution for downstream/upstream applications and databases that migrates legacy technology to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform on the cloud. Cognizant’s specialized accelerators generate data models and scripts using AI/ML and then perform impact analysis and self-correction based on the target platform. This accelerates the modernization journey using a proven methodology for end-to-end data lifecycle migration, resulting in faster completion, a reduced cost of implementation, higher accuracy and improvements in productivity. With Cognizant’s Cloud Migration Factory, you can:

  • Experience a cost reduction of 40%–50% by moving to a centralized data platform
  • Achieve better security, privacy and governance with Unity Catalog
  • Accelerate the adoption of advanced analytics and AI to gain insights that help streamline your business and delight customers

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