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SAP Migration Accelerator by DataSentics
Migrate 6,000 tables in just 6 months

DataSentics has developed the ODAP Accelerator to help you migrate over 6,000 tables from SAP Business Warehouse and S/4 Hana in less than 6 months with only limited need for human resources. To accelerate and validate the migration process, the ODAP Accelerator has tooling for semi-automated data reconciliation. And once migrated, the client’s data is immediately used for creating dashboards and advanced ML-based use cases. Data can be ingested and processed in both batch and near real-time (Spark Streaming), and new data sets can be onboarded easily and at scale.

The ODAP Accelerator greatly simplifies the creation and management of business logic transformations, quality rules, enforcement and data masking to achieve GDPR compliance. Moreover, the accelerator contains mature tooling for building a fine-grained data governance model, as well as access management with automatically created views. With the DataSentics ODAP Accelerator, you can:

  • Migrate more than 6,000 tables in less than 6 months
  • Get near real-time insights and ensure compliant access to all data
  • Leverage new data structures for ML-based use cases

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