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Brickbuilder Solution

Trellis by Deloitte

Industry-specific solution developed by Deloitte and powered by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Trellis by Deloitte
Deloitte’s Trellis

Solve complex challenges around forecasting and procurement

Deloitte's Trellis provides capabilities designed to help solve retail's complex challenges around demand forecasting, replenishment, procurement, pricing and promotion services. Deloitte has leveraged their deep industry and client experience to build an integrated, secured and multicloud-ready "as-a-service" Solution Accelerator on top of Databricks Lakehouse for Retail that can be rapidly customized and tailored as appropriate based on the segments' unique needs. With Deloitte Trellis, you can:

  • Focus on critical shifts occurring both on the demand side and supply side of retail's value chain
  • Assess recommendations, associated impact and insights in real time
  • Achieve significant improvement to both top-line and bottom-line numbers
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