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Demand Forecasting for Manufacturing by EY
Optimize inventory with machine learning and scalable AI capability

Inventory is one of the most critical and largest working capital investments, yet it is incredibly complex to optimize. EY’s Demand Forecasting for Manufacturing solution, built on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, provides an end-to-end machine learning system, which helps companies maintain precise inventory levels and optimize for factors such as working capital, service level, distribution center capacity, sales, and customer experience. 

Utilizing machine learning and distributed computing, the solution provides businesses with information about trends that impact product, location, and customer decisions. Additionally, AI capabilities take into account seasonal shifts, holidays, intermittent demand, and customer demographics. With this data, enterprises can preemptively simulate and optimize their ordering approach using a variety of testing scenarios so that as the market changes, the system can adapt to new internal and external variables. With the EY demand forecasting solution, the complex question of when and how much to stock in inventory is easier than ever to address and helps you to:

  • Simulate inventory strategies before deploying to production
  • Maintain the right inventory to improve sales and customer service
  • Reduce inventory and working capital by knowing when to start new orders at the right time

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