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Brickbuilder Solution

Retail Intelligence Cloud by Infosys

Industry-specific solution developed by Infosys and powered by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

Retail Intelligence Cloud by Infosys
Data and Analytics Engineering

Digitize the data and analytics engineering process

Infosys Retail Intelligence Cloud Powered by Autonomous Engineering* digitizes the data and analytics engineering process using retail domain ontology and an autonomous engineering service. It aims to build an ontology-driven ecosystem by leveraging domain patterns and apply AI and ML techniques to reimagine the data engineering lifecycle. It gives data owners a predictable, reliable and intelligent data foundation.

  • Improves productivity by at least 50% in the data engineering lifecycle
  • Introduces new capabilities like data lineage, data certification, metadata suggestion, data catalog and lineage as a part of the autonomous engineering cycle with minimal additional effort
  • Increases visibility and predictability over infrastructure spend with ongoing implementations

*Global patent pending

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