Snowflake-to-Databricks Migration by Lovelytics
Ensure a rapid and sound migration process

Migrating data platforms doesn’t have to be a scary undertaking. In partnership with Databricks, Lovelytics has developed a migration solution strategy and specialty tools to ensure a rapid, sound migration process that leverages Databricks to unlock more value from data and AI. This five-step migration accelerator helps customers confidently move from Snowflake to Databricks. Unlock the value of Databricks best-in-class SQL performance, native ML capabilities and ML lifecycle management, including real streaming data use cases. With the Lovelytics migration accelerator, you can realize:

  • 2.7x average faster performance than Snowflake, according to third-party reports
  • 12x more cost efficiency than Snowflake, according to third-party reports

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