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Migration Factory by Perficient
Modernize your data platform with a focus on architectural and process efficiencies

Perficient has developed a Migration Factory approach to the migration of legacy data platforms into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. They leverage reusable tooling and a proven framework to migrate workloads quickly and efficiently while taking into consideration a reduction in technical debt, implementing best practices, and speeding up the migration process. 

Their program can fit the unique needs of your business. Transform your data platform and data ecosystem, self-enable analytics and data science, or achieve better resiliency and agility with their Databricks Migration Factory solution. With Migration Factory by Perficient, you can:

  • Get a focused analysis, discovery and pilot to identify risks and pitfalls early in the process and uncover nuances of complex migrations
  • Use reusable frameworks and tools for data migration, data validation and  ETL/workload migrations to reduce the time to migrate 
  • Improve the data engineering team’s productivity and implement DataOps processes while modernizing the data platform with a lakehouse architecture 

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