SAS Migration Solution by T1A and Databricks
Automated SAS migration to Databricks focused on end-to-end efficiency

Despite the fact that many organizations want to modernize SAS workloads to the lakehouse, it still remains a challenge due to the sheer amount and complexity of processes and code. SAS’s dynamic nature often presents massive obstacles for automatic and manual approaches alike. For those who have migrated, the result is sometimes more complex than it has to be. Alchemist by T1A focuses on overall SAS migration efficiency rather than pure code-conversion coverage. First, it runs an exhaustive dependency network analysis to identify all interrelations and prioritizes migration stages. Next, it employs tree pattern matching and templating to allow mixing in manually optimized code with auto-generated ones, thus producing a highly readable and maintainable output even for very complex dynamic SAS constructs. Finally, unlike other tools on the market, Alchemist utilizes SAS metadata for analysis and conversion, enabling things like precise column typing instead of code-based inference, which is not always possible. With Alchemist, you can:

  • Migrate SAS 2x cheaper and 2x faster compared to manual efforts
  • Migrate to plain notebooks, DLTs or low-code tools like Prophecy
  • Get 100% transparency into SAS usage via unique dependency network analysis

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