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Brickbuilder Solution

Migration Solution by TCS

Migration solution developed by TCS and powered by the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform

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Prepare data for AI and various data engineering stages on the lakehouse

The TCS Migration Solution powered by DaezmoTM is a comprehensive solution that covers modern data platform implementation and appliance re-platforming. Combining this solution with TCS’ field-proven processes and methodologies, it helps clients prepare data for AI and various data engineering stages on the lakehouse. The solution manages your end-to-end data migration journey, moving data from on-premises, legacy platforms — e.g., Oracle, Teradata, SQL Server — to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform. Depending on your data objectives, TCS uses the following five proprietary tools to build your data and AI pipeline on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform:

Data Modernization Analyzer: Provides critical insights during the initial assessment of your existing data platform, which are leveraged to curate your Databricks-specific workload strategy and migration roadmap.

Data Migrator: Fast-tracks the migration to Databricks and enables up to 40% savings by simultaneously ingesting and auditing data from the cloud object storage to Databricks Delta Lake.

BITS Platform: Provides a user-friendly graphical user interface for test case management, design and execution, ensuring up to 60% productivity improvements.

Augmented Data Management Solution: Takes a multidisciplinary and repeatable approach to data quality management to provide a solution that uncovers metadata and recommends context-aware data quality rules.

Databricks Data Insights Monitor: Automates monitoring and observability of data in the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, including forecasting-based analysis and governance.

With the TCS Migration Solution, you can: 

  • Cut down modernization timelines with AI-driven accelerators
  • Integrate a range of data sources (enterprise, machine, social, open, ecosystem) and data types (structured, semi-structured, unstructured, master, transactional, streaming, batch data)
  • Strengthen data capabilities with greater coverage, sophisticated analytics and cost-optimized open source adoption
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