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Power your manufacturing decisions is an integrated accelerator ecosystem consisting of telecommunications industry-specific data models, pipelines, AI/ML code notebooks, front-end consumption layers and a robust MLOps process, which allows manufacturers to develop and scale AI applications 50% faster. This ecosystem enables manufacturers to drive digital transformation across the value chain: plan, source, make, and deliver.

Examples of's accelerators include Real-Time Prescriptive Supply Chain Control Tower (to seamlessly orchestrate operations across the value chain), Energy.AI (to monitor energy consumption and asset anomalies), Digital Twins (to get real-time monitoring and diagnostics of key assets and processes), Edge-AI (to bridge OT-IT systems and orchestrate solutions), and Demand Forecasting (to improve demand and supply planning using AI).

With, you can:

  • Migrate to modernize your technology stack from legacy platforms that don't scale, deliver advanced analytics, or provide real-time insights
  • Reduce stock and supply disruptions by up to 30% with improved supply chain visibility and operational performance
  • Implement Industry 4.0 solutions at speed with use case specific data models, AI/ ML frameworks and OT-IT integration & orchestration tools

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