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Brickbuilder Solution

Smart Manufacturing Command Center by Tredence

Industry-specific solution developed by Tredence and powered by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

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Improve overall equipment effectiveness and reduce the energy consumption of your pharmaceutical manufacturing setup

Global pharmaceutical manufacturers are currently facing challenges with surging demand and supply disruptions, which lead to drug shortages and disruptions in getting essential drugs and vaccines to patients who need them. The Tredence Smart Manufacturing Command Center (SMCC) addresses this challenge by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions with predictive and prescriptive capabilities to help drive substantial enhancements in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and energy optimization across the pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain. By harnessing SMCC, organizations are able to expedite their digital transformation journey by leveraging its flexible architecture, manufacturing data models and established use case frameworks to implement pharmaceutical manufacturing AI solutions with a 50% faster turnaround.

By deploying SMCC, you can unlock a new realm of OEE-focused applications, such as predictive maintenance, predictive quality, and process and yield optimization. Similarly, this solution enables energy optimization use cases, including process enhancement, asset performance improvement and refined power source orchestration, and elevates them to new heights. With the Tredence SMCC, you can reduce production downtime and maintenance costs significantly, improve drug and vaccine production yield, and reduce your energy footprint, as well as:

  • Seamlessly integrate OT and IT systems to empower analysis and enhancement of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for your pharmaceutical manufacturing operations
  • Access real-time visibility and advanced analytics to boost drug and vaccine production efficiency
  • Take advantage of an agile tech stack for Industry 4.0 to operate faster and reduce costs
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