Brickbuilder - Tredence by Tredence and Databricks
Lower the total cost of ownership of the IT stack is an integrated accelerator ecosystem consisting of telecommunications industry-specific data models, pipelines, AI/ML code notebooks, front-end consumption layers and a robust MLOps process, which allows telcos to develop and scale AI applications 50% faster. This ecosystem helps telcos manage changing customer priorities and improve customer acquisition and retention. Examples of’s accelerators include granular customer insight and personalization models via Tredence’s Customer Cosmos, Real-Time Prescriptive Supply Chain Control Tower, digital twinning of network assets via and cross-channel insights through Journey Explorer. expedites migration and modernization at scale by starting with a design-centric approach, which combines unstructured, structured and streaming data from any source into optimized, pre-built data models and frameworks. Its loosely coupled architecture allows it to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and software assets on your cloud stack, using popular open source tools and frameworks. 

With, you can:

  • Migrate to modernize your IT stack from legacy platforms that don’t scale, deliver advanced analytics or provide real-time insights
  • Add up to 7% more customers with improved marketing channel strategy and tactics
  • Lower emissions 50% faster with customized digital-twin-based AI solutions

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