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Brickbuilder Solution

Intelligent Data Management by ZS

Industry-specific solution developed by ZS and powered by the Databricks Lakehouse Platform


Transforming biomedical research data into insights

Intelligent Data Management for Biomedical Research by ZS is a modular solution that transforms scientific data into an enterprise asset by creating an end-to-end value chain, helping customers move closer to the vision of precision medicine at scale and at speed. The solution, built on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, solves speed and cost issues around ingestion, storage and querying of petabyte-scale genomic data sets, and provides quality control management for data from disparate sources.

  • Expedite query response times of excessive data sets, reduce infrastructure costs and increase time-to-value
  • Maintain data provenance and enhance searchability of raw data
  • Maximize structured data modeling with access to deep domain and technical expertise
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