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Databricks and Alteryx

Democratize access to data and AI in the lakehouse


Accelerate your high-value data goals by combining the power of Databricks with the ease of Alteryx.

Washington State Department of Health

"One of the biggest challenges with public health data systems is finding the right tools to invest in that can meet us where we are — in both skills and infrastructure — and help us transition to new methods and flexible and scalable environments."

— Francoise Pickart, Senior Epidemiologist, Washington State Department of Health

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Increase business team efficiency

Use Alteryx’s intuitive interface to prepare and transform analytics-ready data, making it easier to find insights that power new data products and customer experiences on Databricks. When more business users with domain knowledge can blend data with Alteryx, data scientists and engineers can spend more time on advanced analytics and AI/ML projects in Databricks.


Get a unified view of data

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform eliminates the need to store and maintain multiple copies of data, thus providing a single source of truth for Alteryx end users. Business and technical roles alike can collaborate more effectively to contribute to high-value data goals.


Access and share governed data sets

Easily discover structured and unstructured data, ML models, notebooks, dashboards and files with Unity Catalog. Business teams can collaborate with data engineers and data scientists on trusted data and AI assets, leveraging AI-powered monitoring and observability.