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Personalizing talent acquisition to improve hiring outcomes


Faster data processing for more personalized job-seeking experiences


Reduction in time-to-market of new features

PLATFORM USE CASE: Delta Lake,Machine Learning

Technology has dramatically changed the recruitment and job search process over the last few years. As Taiwan’s leading online recruitment solutions provider, 104 Corporation uses cloud computing and machine learning to help hiring companies and millions of job seekers improve their recruitment results and experiences. However, due to their legacy cloud tooling and the need for a modern data infrastructure, 104 Corporation struggled to scale pipeline costs effectively and spent significant resources on maintenance operations, slowing their ability to be truly data-driven. Since moving data workflows to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, 104 Corporation can now unify data across different sources, automate data pipelines, and enhance workflow efficiency. With the shift to the lakehouse, 104 Corporation is experiencing faster innovation to deliver exceptional hiring experiences to employers and candidates while reducing operational costs.

Overcoming legacy data architectures that slow ML innovations

Due to their extensive network of job advertisers and customers, 104 Corporation has access to terabytes of highly valuable, private data, including personal information, engagement details, and transaction information. Millions of job seekers and hundreds of thousands of recruiters depend on 104 Corporation’s current and accurate recommendations, using the insights gleaned to make effective recruitment solutions and deliver personalized recommendations and more relevant job opportunities.

While the company has embraced cloud computing and open-sourced data frameworks to handle their AI and BI workloads and process large data volumes, siloed systems prevented data teams from gaining relevant, timely insights for informed decision-making. Hampered by specialty ETL tooling like EMR and a legacy data warehouse in SAP Sybase that were disparate and complex to scale, the team needed help to efficiently build data pipelines that unlocked access to curated data sets for various teams and business stakeholders. As the company continued to expand, the increasing quantity of data became significantly more challenging to manage and utilize.

104 Corporation modernized its infrastructure on the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to address these limitations — helping to unify all their data into a standard view for downstream analytics and ensuring real-time availability of insights for different groups across the organization.

Democratizing data to match the needs of millions of job seekers and companies

For 104 Corporation, a robust data analytics platform that could integrate rich data sets, optimize machine learning at scale and streamline workflows across teams was critical. But beyond that, they needed a platform that supported reduced data processing times to rapidly deliver data insights to the business, allowing their teams to provide superior customer experiences safely and securely. 

“With the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, we can cement a robust data foundation that enables secure access to democratized business data and better insights about our customers’ needs and habits. The processing power of Databricks Data Intelligence Platform and Delta Lake means our teams can quickly and efficiently build robust data pipelines that support batch and real-time workloads on the same platform, allowing our data teams to train new models and accelerate new use cases that implement tailored and personalized recruitment solutions,” said Scott Hsieh, Head Architect at 104 Corporation.

To accelerate ETL for BI workloads that power executive dashboards on key performance indicators (e.g., engagement and conversion metrics) and insights into the overall user journey, 104 Corporation utilized Databricks Data Intelligence Platform and Delta Lake, an open source transaction layer bringing reliability, performance and lifecycle management to data ingestion, processing and management. The new platform also allowed the company to build high-performance ETL pipelines that support training new ML models to better summarize company and job postings,  maximizing the volume of user impressions. 

To further drive AI democratization and reduce developing time, 104 Corporation also deployed MLflow, which brought together the various teams across the company — data scientists, engineers and developers — into one unified ecosystem that enabled seamless, efficient knowledge-sharing. Such a collaborative, democratized environment has allowed diverse team members to work together efficiently on building and deploying personalized, specific ML projects.

Being equipped with MLflow’s Model Tracking feature, employees are now empowered to enhance their ML knowledge and skill sets, opening up greater possibilities for future AI initiatives for all. MLflow’s interactive notebook tool and the visualization capabilities of Databricks Workflows are also helping drive greater and more seamless collaboration across the different teams, accelerating prototyping and development of more complex ML and data applications at scale.

Faster time-to-insight results in personalized solutions for talent acquisition

Since going live in 2019, 104 Corporation has seen an average 25% reduction in the amount of time needed to process ETL workloads for both BI dashboarding and ML model training. For example, runtime for high-volume analytics has decreased to around a minute, allowing multiple applications to run simultaneously, efficiently and consistently. Delta Lake provides significant architectural improvements that simplify infrastructure management and operations at scale, boosting performance and reducing costs.

With curated data at their fingertips and a scalable platform that better supports batch and real-time workloads, data teams can access faster insights, driving more intelligent decisions that impact business operations. There are also planned initiatives to leverage the lakehouse to introduce improved ML capabilities across the company, even for nontechnically trained staff, such as business analysts. 

The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform has become 104 Corporation’s enterprise data platform for information access and exceptional talent acquisition services. 104 Corporation’s teams are charting new frontiers into the digital spectrum of modern talent acquisition, including further acceleration of use cases, such as delivering data-powered personalized recruitment services.

With a single source of truth and a unified system that promotes collaboration, 104 Corporation’s data teams can now harness their data’s potential in a unified way to gain richer insights and discover new ways to redefine the future of talent acquisition.