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Leveraging hyper-personalization: Enriching the player journey through data and automation


Lower operational costs for BI workloads


Faster performance of fraud prediction model

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PLATFORM USE CASE: Data Lakehouse Architecture

“At Games24x7, user-centricity lies at the core of our operations. Our AI and data science team delves into terabytes of player data, gaining insightful knowledge into motivations and preferences. This deep understanding fuels our commitment to providing an unparalleled and a safe gaming experience tailored to each individual’s unique preferences. Our partnership with Databricks advanced our efforts to democratize access to invaluable insights and ultimately deliver a safer, more personalized experience for all our users.”

— Rajat Bansal, Chief Technology Officer, Games24x7

Games24x7, India’s leading multi-game platform, is a technology-driven company with the operating ethos of “Science of Gaming.” With a diverse portfolio of online skill games including RummyCircle, the country’s largest online rummy platform, and My11Circle, India’s second-largest fantasy sports platform, Games24x7 caters to an extensive user base of over 100 million players.

Games24x7 is committed to enhancing the user experience by harnessing the power of data, behavioral science and artificial intelligence to deliver highly engaging experiences that are hyper-personalized to the needs of every single player in a very diverse population.

Games24x7 partnered with Databricks to enrich the experience of its growing user base. This collaboration led to the creation of a unified platform for streamlining data operations, unifying data from disparate sources and automating data pipelines for scale, thereby guaranteeing a consistent and dependable data flow across individuals, teams, systems and business functions.

Engaging, safer and responsible gaming with democratized data insights 

The company, built on a scientific foundation, is focused on providing every user with a safe, seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. This approach has proven highly effective in anticipating and addressing trends, both at a micro level and a macro level, within the gaming industry. Games24x7 is known for its meticulous approach to leveraging the power of data, subjecting it to thorough analysis through both human expertise and machine-driven processes. The company seeks actionable insights that enable it to proactively respond to shifts in user preferences, resulting in personalized experiences for players on its platforms.

By focusing on automation and streamlining data operations, the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform has further helped Games24x7 to devote more time and resources to enhancing user experiences and addressing complex business objectives, ultimately reducing infrastructure ownership and maintenance costs. Games24x7’s forward-looking approach positions it for a future marked by innovation and a dedication to providing users with even more exceptional gaming experiences.

“Speed and agility are important for us,” said Devansh Mehta, SDE-3 Data Engineering, at Games24x7. “Our legacy infrastructure was complex, and required advanced technical knowledge to deploy and maintain various data pipelines. It also involved huge infra costs as well as cost of maintenance.”

Lakehouse architecture drives innovation, collaboration and cost-efficiency at scale

For Games24x7, Databricks Data Intelligence Platform has become the single unified platform for all data and analytics processes. The company’s data engineering teams are able to run efficient, automated data pipelines and ensure easy extraction of insights to bolster innovation rollout of product and policy updates, all while making it more cost-efficient to maintain their data infrastructure.

“Using Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, we have simplified maintenance and operations, and we can now scale resources on the fly to handle large volumes of data without any manual intervention. These have in turn unlocked a new level of productivity enhancements and cost savings for the team,” said Mehta.

By enabling democratized data access to all teams through integration and analytics tools, the adoption of the lakehouse has also accelerated more informed decision-making and collaboration within the company at scale. The data engineering, analytics and data science teams are able to work quickly together to identify and address underlying issues by correlating information, and in turn foster an organization-wide data-driven culture that has created a positive impact on the business as a whole.

Integrating data-driven decision-making

Games24x7 has uncovered remarkable innovations for its operations since moving to the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, including being more focused and targeted with the performance and insights of new product features. This has been achieved by deploying advanced analytics frameworks on top of the lakehouse architecture to conduct product testing rapidly and at scale, allowing the analytics team to identify the impact of each new feature on the players and then quickly roll out the relevant new updates that better ensure enhanced user experiences on its platform. For instance, they are able to now deploy fraud prediction models 16% faster. Also, the modernizing of their infrastructure on the lakehouse architecture has reduced operational costs by 20% for their BI workloads.

In addition, a marketing optimization platform has been built on top of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, which helps Games24x7 track the performance of various marketing campaigns and scale the marketing spends accordingly. Moving forward, Games24x7 is keen to continue amping up its use of the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform to further boost collaboration for the various teams. The company anticipates implementing a centralized metastore for such an objective, through the help of Unity Catalog, to help empower data discovery and data democratization across the business.