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Incite accelerates autonomous vehicle development


Improvement in data acquisition and ingestion cycle time


Reduction in ADAS feature development cycles


Reduction in cost per file processed

PARTNER: Tableau

“Databricks brings the data volume while Tableau brings the rapid visualization. These solutions work perfectly in tandem at the core of our platform to give our clients the performance they need to deliver cutting-edge autonomous vehicle capabilities.”

— Patrick McAuliffe, Lead Engineer, Incite

Incite’s Rapid OEM Automotive Data (ROAD) platform enables the world’s largest automakers to build safer autonomous vehicles. Because autonomous test fleets generate massive amounts of unstructured data, automakers need a fast, reliable way to process this data — and ROAD delivers. But just as importantly, automakers need to be able to visualize this data so they can make changes to their software that will allow them to deploy autonomous driving features faster and with greater confidence. To eliminate the need for its clients to write scripts manually for each visualization, Incite began looking for a business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution to incorporate into ROAD.

End users populate their dashboards in hours, not weeks

Incite aimed to provide its end users with intuitive dashboards to visualize the performance of their autonomous fleets. To populate these dashboards with large volumes of data as efficiently as possible, Incite chose the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform as a core technology in its ROAD platform. Databricks enables the company to process hundreds of terabytes of vehicle sensor files, and scales to support teams working on capabilities such as self-driving on highways, preventing parking lot collisions and navigating neighborhood streets.

Incite then chose Tableau to provide the BI and analytics functionality of its platform. Rather than writing code to create visualizations, Incite’s clients can simply take data from the lakehouse, select filters, and plot data points to look across the vehicle sensor files in minutes. Clients can then explore the host vehicle and feature event behavior across many dimensions of vehicles, driving scenarios, time, vehicle software versions and driving conditions.

Development cycles go from weeks to days while costs decrease

With the ROAD platform powered by Databricks and Tableau, Incite delivers the vast, complex data that automakers need in an easily digestible way, helping them improve autonomous vehicle capabilities rapidly. Incite now makes terabytes of new vehicle data visible in Tableau dashboards in less than 12 hours, compared to two to three weeks previously. Clients use Tableau to monitor vehicle performance in a host of challenging real-world conditions. Even as more test vehicles hit the road, Incite has reduced costs per file processed by 50%. Clients have shortened their software development cycles from weeks to days. Most importantly, everyone has the insights they need to make our roads safer.