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Becoming the largest e-commerce ad platform


Reduction in data storage from traditional databases

10x faster

45 minutes to optimize bidding, down from 7.5 hours

CLOUD: Azure

Quartile is the world’s largest e-commerce cross-channel advertising platform, serving over 5,000 connected ad accounts from more than 10 channels. Built on six patented machine learning technologies, the platform automates and optimizes e-commerce advertising on Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instacart, Walmart and more. Quartile pairs leading technology with marketing experts who create strategies that are tailored to their customers’ business goals. Thousands of sellers worldwide trust Quartile’s funnel optimization approach to unlock the full potential of their selling and advertising across multiple channels, entirely integrated and at scale.

Size of data and performance needed to scale

Quartile faced challenges in storing and processing data for multiple advertising channels due to crucial needs in reporting and consolidating sales data, including over 60 days of attribution. The previous architecture couldn’t keep up with the size of data Quartile was processing. The team was batch processing over 10TB of data on a single job, which applied all transformations required for data reporting, causing server unavailability and late deliveries of data points. This process alone, which is responsible for improving the performance of ads, had severe performance problems, such as individual jobs running up to 7.5 hours every day.

Technology evolution, from legacy to modern data stack

As part of the evolution of the company, Quartile’s data architecture has reached new levels of maturity, growing from traditional SQL databases running on Azure cloud to a new solution with Databricks Data Intelligence Platform as the foundation. This modernization has had direct impact in several areas of the company and clear benefits for Quartile’s customers: with Delta Lake there has been more data reliability, faster performance and reduced costs. When migrating the data from a traditional SQL database to Databricks, they saw a considerable reduction in data volume, mainly due to the optimizations of Delta with version control and Parquet compacting, resulting in storage reduction from 90TB to about 18TB.

The lakehouse architecture has enabled Quartile’s data stack to evolve. This has been accomplished through several processes: by leveraging Databricks Auto Loader for incremental and efficient processing of new data files as they arrive in cloud storage; by using Delta Lake for its open format storage layer, which delivers reliability, security and performance on the data lake; by using Databricks SQL, which continues to bring data engineers and data analysts closer with easy-to-build queries and dashboards; and with Databricks Workflows, which connects all of the pieces together in a stable and scalable way.

To provide the best experience for customers, Quartile needs to be able to retrieve accurate data. This is an important challenge that is easier to handle with Spark User-Defined Functions, as the company uses the power of parallelism to break down processing into as many parts as needed. For their solution to scale, they utilize Terraform for deploying all workspaces, easily spinning up new clusters and jobs as well as ensuring the correct standards are being followed across the company.

Helping their partners run ads better

It is critical that Quartile’s customers have a centralized solution in which they can analyze their sales, costs and other metrics related to their campaigns. At Quartile, they take advantage of the solid data engineering work and integrate Databricks with Power BI for embedding the dashboards directly in their portal. This helps provide a single place for clients to both configure marketing campaigns across several channels as well as follow up on performance changes while still maintaining a smaller data storage footprint that is 80% less expensive compared to the data stored in traditional data warehouses by leveraging Delta Lake’s file format on object storage. The ability to combine data from all different channels has already helped several of their customers — SmartyPants, as an example, has grown over 100% since they partnered with Quartile.

But that’s not all. Quartile has also patented algorithms for improving the performance of ads, which are implemented utilizing the machine learning persona in Databricks. The ability to have a central lakehouse to build their entire data stack has made the lives of Quartile’s developers much simpler, allowing them to focus on developing innovative solutions and bringing increasingly better results for their customers. As another example, OfficeSupply has had excellent results during their first year of working with Quartile, with a 67% increase in Google Ads revenue and a 103% increase in Google Shopping clicks for trademark terms by improving the performance of individual jobs — they used to take 7.5 hours but now run in 45 minutes on the lakehouse.

Looking ahead, Quartile is continuing to partner with Databricks to build their modern data stack, integrating and testing newer solutions. This includes Delta Live Tables for higher data quality checks, Delta Sharing to send customers their own data, and Data Marketplace to enable clients to get started quickly. Quartile has a bold target to develop the first cross-channel learning for an ads optimization algorithm in this space, and Databricks will be the center of these innovations.