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Databricks Beacons

The Databricks Beacons Program is our way of thanking and recognizing the community members, data scientists, data engineers, developers and open source enthusiasts who go above and beyond to uplift the data and AI community.

Whether they’re speaking at conferences, leading workshops, teaching, mentoring, blogging, writing books, creating tutorials, offering support in forums or organizing meetups, Databricks Beacons inspire others and encourage knowledge sharing while helping to solve tough data and AI problems.

Meet the 2024 Databricks Beacons

Beacons share their passion and technical expertise with audiences around the world. They contribute to a variety of open source projects, including Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, MLflow and others. Don’t hesitate to contact them on their channels to see what they’re working on.


Adi Polak

Data + AI Expert
LinkedIn - GitHub - X


Ajay Kumar Pandey

Assistance Manager I Data Engineer
X - Community


Bartosz Konieczny

Freelance Data Engineer | Trainer
LinkedIn - GitHub - X - Stackoverflow - Web


Daniel Sahal

Senior Data Engineer
LinkedIn - Community



Derar Alhussein

Udemy Instructor | O’Reilly Author
LinkedIn - GitHub - Web - Udemy


Eloisa Elias T

Data Scientist | Data Analyst | Open Source Community Organizer |  Founder, PyData Seattle by NumFOCUS | Chair, PyLadies Seattle
LinkedIn - YouTube


Hubert Dudek

Leading Data Engineer
LinkedIn - GitHub - YouTube - Stackoverflow


Jacek Laskowski

Freelance Data Engineer 
LinkedIn - GitHub - X - Stackoverflow


Josue A. Bogran

Solutions Architect Manager | Technical Advisor


Phani Reddy Janga

Associate Principal - Data Engineering
LinkedIn - Community


Kent Yao

Apache Member | Apache Kyuubi PMC Chair | Apache Spark™ Committer
LinkedIn - GitHub - X - Stackoverflow


KyJah Keys

Solver of Problems | Product Engineer
LinkedIn - GitHub - X - Community


Kyle Hamilton

PhD Candidate, TU Dublin
LinkedIn - GitHub


Maria Vechtomova

MLOps Tech Lead
LinkedIn - X - Medium


R. Tyler Croy

GitHub - X - Stackoverflow


Robert Pack

Cloud Native AI and Development Platforms
LinkedIn - GitHub


Scott Haines

Distinguished Software Engineer
LinkedIn - GitHub - X


Simon Whiteley

CTO | YouTuber | Spark Nerd
LinkedIn - YouTubeX

Alumni Beacons


Geeta Chauhan

Geeta leads AI/PyTorch Partnership Engineering at Facebook AI and focuses on strategic initiatives.


Maciej Szymkiewicz

Maciej is an Apache Spark™ committer. He is available for mentoring and consulting.


Takeshi Yamamuro

Takeshi is a software engineer, Apache Spark™ committer and PMC member at NTT, Inc., who mainly works on Spark SQL.


Lorenz Walthert

Lorenz is a data scientist, MLflow contributor, climate activist and GSoC participant.


Yitao Li

Yitao is a software engineer at SafeGraph and the current maintainer of sparklyr, an R interface for Apache Spark™.

Program Benefits

Becoming a Databricks Beacon does more than help you grow your public profile and professional development. It also comes with some great benefits. 

  • Free attendance at the Databricks Data + AI Summit

  • Peer networking and sharing through a private community channel

  • Access to Databricks and OSS subject matter experts via a private channel under NDA

  • A Databricks Beacons badge that can be used on social media or websites

  • Recognition on the Databricks website and social channels

  • Amplification of some of your work on Databricks social channels

  • Custom Databricks Beacons swag

  • Speaker opportunities at Databricks events

  • Sponsorship and swag for selected meetups

Membership Responsibilities

Beacons are first and foremost practitioners in the data and AI community. Their technology focus includes Databricks, MLflow, Delta Lake, Apache Spark™ and related ecosystem technologies. Throughout the year, Beacons actively build up others by teaching, blogging, speaking, mentoring, organizing meetups, creating content, answering questions on forums and more.

As a Databricks Beacon, your responsibilities include a combination of the following:

  • Staying up to date on the latest Databricks developments 

  • Organizing Databricks meetups or webinars

  • Contributing to technical or thought leadership blogs

  • Participating in first- and third-party events

  • Being an active member of

  • Promoting Databricks events and solutions through social and individual networks

  • Engaging with new community members to ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment

  • Fostering community engagement

  • Driving the growth and success of the Databricks developer community

  • Interviewing new potential members

  • Signing a personal NDA to ensure you’re added to our private channels

These responsibilities are crucial for creating a vibrant and thriving developer community. As a Beacon, you’ll always follow the Databricks Code of Conduct.

Membership Renewals

The Databricks Beacons Program is offered only to a select few. Membership is awarded annually and renewed at the end of the year. Qualification is based on member activity in the community compared to other members during the same period. New members are vetted through an interview with the Databricks DevRel team and a current Databricks Beacon.

Nominate a Peer

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us who made continued outstanding contributions to the data and AI community. Someone in the community or a Databricks employee must nominate candidates. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and membership is valid for one year.

New members are selected based on their deep technical knowledge of Databricks solutions and community standing. They will generally focus on areas like data warehousing, data engineering, data analytics, data science, AI, MLOps and more.