Databricks Beacons Program

Databricks Beacons Program

The Databricks Beacons program is our way to thank and recognize the community members, data scientists, data engineers, developers and open source enthusiasts who go above and beyond to uplift the data and AI community.

Whether they are speaking at conferences, leading workshops, teaching, mentoring, blogging, writing books, creating tutorials, offering support in forums or organizing meetups, they inspire others and encourage knowledge sharing – all while helping to solve tough data problems.

Meet the Databricks Beacons

Beacons share their passion and technical expertise with audiences around the world. They are contributors to a variety of open source projects including Apache Spark™, Delta Lake, MLflow and others. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them on social to see what they’re working on.

Membership Criteria

Beacons are first and foremost practitioners in the data and AI community whose technology focus includes MLflow, Delta Lake, Apache Spark™, Databricks and related ecosystem technologies. Beacons actively build others up throughout the year by teaching, blogging, speaking, mentoring, organizing meetups, creating content, answering questions on forums and more.

Program Benefits

  • Peer networking and sharing through a private Slack channel
  • Access to Databricks and OSS subject matter experts
  • Recognition on the Databricks website and social channels
  • Custom swag
  • In the future, sponsored travel and lodging to attend select
    Databricks events
  • Sponsorship and swag for meetups

Nominate a peer

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us who made continued outstanding contributions to the data and AI community. Candidates must be nominated by someone in the community, and everyone — including customers, partners, Databricks employees or even a current Beacon — is welcome to submit a nomination. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and membership is valid for one year.