Databricks for Splunk

Scale cybersecurity analytics with Splunk and Databricks

Rapidly detect threats, investigate the impact and reduce risks with the Databricks add-on for Splunk

Modernize your data infrastructure and analytics capabilities to better protect from cyber threats. Learn how to scale advanced analytics, augment your SIEM (e.g., Splunk) and lower overall costs while maintaining your current processes and procedures.

Download the Databricks add-on for Splunk

Multicloud security operations with Splunk + Databricks

Benefits and business value

Reduce costs

Ingest all security data for a fraction of the cost of a SIEM logging tool

Improve security posture with high-performance analytics

Analyze terabytes of streaming and batch data with statistics, ML and AI. Enrich threat indicators and metadata on terabytes of streaming data.

Accelerate detection and response times

Collaborate, share, iterate and automate the detection, investigation and threat-hunting lifecycles

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