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Data sharing and data collaboration have become important in today’s hyper-connected digital economy. Until now, the lack of a standards-based data sharing protocol has resulted in data sharing solutions tied to a single vendor or commercial product, resulting in vendor lock-in. Databricks Delta Sharing provides an open solution to securely share live data from your lakehouse to any computing platform — without the hassle of replication — so you can reach your customers where they are.

In this brief demonstration, discover how you can:

  • Share live data from where it lives, without replicating or moving it to another system
  • Easily share existing data in Delta Lake and Apache Parquet formats. Recipients do not have to be on the Databricks platform, the same cloud or a cloud at all
  • Drive collaboration with your partners, suppliers and lines of business
  • Meet governance, security and compliance needs while sharing assets
  • Accelerate time to value by consuming shared data directly from the tools of your choice

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