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Databricks Certification and Badging

The new standard for lakehouse training and certifications


Databricks Badges

General Questions

Badges help individuals evaluate what they have learned about high-priority topics, such as Lakehouse and Generative AI. These assessments are non-proctored and don’t have a cost associated with them. 

Certification is a tool for measuring one’s qualifications to perform a job role. These assessments are proctored, there is a cost associated with them, and they’re a way to demonstrate role competency in the market.

Preparing for a Databricks Badge Assessment

All you have to do is complete the related training in Databricks Academy and you are eligible to take the assessment. No experience is required.

Online Testing Requirements

There are no technological requirements.

Scheduling Your Assessment

There is no need to schedule your assessment; you can take it once you finish the related on-demand course.

Assessment Scoring and Results


Databricks Certifications

General Questions

Databricks Certifications are for individuals (18 years old and up) learning to use Databricks. This includes prospects, customers, partners and Databricks employees. 

Preparing for a Databricks Certification Exam

Training is recommended as part of your certification preparation, but it is not mandatory. Go to the Databricks Certification page to learn more about each certification and the recommended role-based training.

Online Testing Requirements

Please find tech requirements (computer, camera, browser, etc.) and preparation instructions on Kryterion’s Online Proctored Exam page.

Scheduling Your Exam

Databricks Certification exams are delivered via Kryterion. All of our exam pages include a link to register, or you can register here.

Exam Scoring and Results

Databricks passing scores are set through statistical analysis and are subject to change as exams are updated with new questions. Because they can change, we do not publish them.

Exam Content

Moving forward there will only ever be one version of each exam. The exam guide for each exam lists the current topic areas and objectives covered in the exam. The exam guide is the source of truth for what is on a currently live exam. We recommend having the exam guide available as you go through any related training so you can determine what, if anything, you need to learn more about. You can find the exam guide on the related certification web page.

Deprecated Exams

The Professional Data Scientist and the Azure Databricks Associate Platform exams were deprecated on August 22, 2022, because the content of the exams was outdated.

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

When we collect and process your personal information during participation in the Databricks Certification exam, your personal information is handled in accordance with Databricks Privacy Policy ( In accordance with Databricks Privacy policy, Databricks reserves the right to inform Your “organization” (Company) of Your acquired Databricks Certifications (however, Databricks does not share information about failed certification attempts).