Data-driven innovation in Media & Entertainment

Guide to data analytics and machine learning in the age of audience personalization with a unified data architecture

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The Art of Collaborative Data Science at ScaleDisintermediation, fickle audiences, and new competition for attention (and wallet share) are disrupting old business models within the media and entertainment industry.

With ever-evolving consumer expectations and digital content fueling this transformation, companies that can meet the needs of a real-time, on-demand world and deliver the sort of highly personalized content that is essential to surviving the next era of media.

In this industry brief, you will learn:

  • The most common ways media companies are leveraging data and AI
  • The biggest challenges blocking firms from realizing the full potential of their data
  • How the unification of data engineers, data scientists, and analysts can foster an environment that breeds innovation
  • How Riot Games, Viacom, and Showtime leverage Databricks to dominate their markets

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