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Companies aspire for every team to be data driven. However, as teams move data between data lakes and data warehouses to try to make it more consumable, they end up creating incomplete data silos, stale data, and complex architectures that actually slow decision making down.

Databricks SQL allows you to keep more workloads on the data lake by offering data warehousing performance and reliability at data lake economics.

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  • Scale Insights: The new SQL-native workspace allows you to query Delta Lake tables on your data lake, visualize the results, and easily organize those visualizations into easy-to-share dashboards with automatic alerting to key changes in your data.
  • BI on your freshest data: Connect the BI tools you already use today, like Tableau and Microsoft Power BI, to your data lake to analyze your freshest, most complete data.
  • Secure and manage your data: Databricks SQL allows you to provide SQL data access controls to your data lake, as well as gain fine-grained visibility into query history and performance.
  • Performance and scale: Unique innovations on Databricks allow you to query your data lake with high user concurrency, low latency, and fast query execution performance while maintaining flexibility with open standards.