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Data-Driven Personalization

How to Build an AI Recommendations Engine to Drive Stronger Personalization

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Consumers face an unprecedented number of options for where to buy products or services. Companies that understand how to personalize the omnichannel experience and deliver relevant recommendations will stand out and earn the greatest brand loyalty. In this virtual workshop, you’ll learn how the most successful consumer brands are using data and AI to deliver personalization at scale. We’ll also cover how other analytics — customer segmentation, propensity modeling and customer lifetime value — can be used to amplify your marketing ROI in personalization.

Recommendations are core to the suite of personalization analytics in e-commerce and digital marketing, but there is no one right approach for every scenario. Retail and Manufacturing Technical Director Bryan Smith will talk about the different recommendation options we explored, and then walk through how to build targeted recommendations using Databricks. We’ll explore some foundational approaches to building recommendations and how they may be combined to deliver the experience customers expect at scale.