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Databricks on AWS 3-part training series

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Databricks is a unified data and analytics platform for data engineering, data science, analytics and machine learning. Databricks makes your Amazon S3 data lake analytics ready, and provides streamlined workflows and an interactive workspace that enables collaboration among data scientists, data engineers and business analysts.

In this three-part training series, we’ll teach you how to get started building a data lakehouse with Databricks, so you can begin to understand its capabilities and how data analysts can leverage SQL to query data in the lakehouse. You will learn how to train a machine learning (ML) model using customer product usage data with Databricks.

Training topics include:

  • Data engineering for your data lakehouse — In this training, we’ll guide you through ingesting data to build a lakehouse for analyzing customer product usage.
  • Querying your data lakehouse — In this training, we’ll show you how to engineer data in your Databricks lakehouse for your data analyst team using SQL queries.
  • Training an ML customer model using your data lakehouse — In this training, we’ll demonstrate how your data science team can use data in your Databricks lakehouse to design and train an ML customer model on customer product usage data.

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Kate Sullivan
Technical Curriculum Developer, Databricks

Joshua Cook
Technical Team Lead, Databricks

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