From Data to AI with Microsoft Azure Databricks

From Data to AI with Microsoft Azure Databricks

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Data is everywhere as a key driver of digital transformation and the first step to an effective AI strategy. To successfully compete in the industry, organizations must invest in Data and AI. Join Databricks and Microsoft as we share how you can accelerate your Data and AI journey end-to-end with Azure Databricks and our natively integrated data services on Azure.

We’ll show how to build scalable and performant data pipelines for analytics, and how to set up your ML development with support for the complete production lifecycle. The right combination of services, integrated in the right way, makes all the difference!

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Assemble Azure Databricks and other core Azure data services into Microsoft’s recommended Azure solution architectures
  • Accelerate your data pipelines and analytics workflows with Azure Databricks and Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Rapidly develop machine learning models and take them to production with Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning

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Featured Speakers

Nishant Thacker, Sr. Technical Product Manager, Microsoft

Kyle Pistor, Lead Solutions Architect, Databricks

Hosted by: Kevin Clugage, Senior Director of Partner Marketing, Databricks

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