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Improving Student Success With a Unified Approach to Data Analytics and AI

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Improving Student Success With a Unified Approach to Data Analytics and AI

Educational institutions, from primary through higher ed, are trying to adjust to a world where learning is delivered virtually. The recent passing of the CARES Act promises to help educators make the transition with over $13B in funding. But, launching a few elearning tools is not enough to ensure student success. The real opportunity lies in building an accurate and in-depth understanding of each student using data and advanced analytics.

Unfortunately, most institutions are built on legacy infrastructure defined by on-premises applications, platforms, and data warehouses that are disjointed, difficult to integrate and hard to scale. Because of these limitations, institutions have lagged behind the curve to leverage their vast amounts of data to drive student success. Fortunately, there’s a path forward by building a central repository for all data with a modern analytics infrastructure leveraging the cloud and the latest open-source big data technologies.

In this webinar, Western Governors University, a leading non-profit online university will share:

  • How they built a next generation, scalable data analytics platform with Tableau, Databricks, Apache Spark and Delta Lake on AWS
  • How their unified approach to data analytics brings together data teams, faculty and departments to drive actionable insights about their students
  • How they’ve used big data analytics and machine learning to answer critical questions:
    • How are programs, courses and assessments truly performing?
    • How are different cohorts of students performing across faculty, departments, assessment teams, geos, etc?
    • How can interactions across students, faculty or platforms impact success?
    • How can course combinations impact student performance?
    • How do we improve retention by predicting at-risk students and developing early intervention programs?

Mike Maxwell, National Director, State and Local Government and Education, Databricks
Jake Kulas, Big Data Developer, Western Governors University