Introduction to Databricks Solution Accelerators for Media and Entertainment

Deploying AI faster to drive audience acquisition, engagement and retention

As media companies in broadcast, publishing, gaming and sports continue to invest in direct-to-consumer experiences, they are generating more data about their customers than ever before. Advanced data analytics and AI hold the promise to unlock the value of this audience data, but it can take even the most advanced data teams months to stand up a proof of concept and even longer to scale it into production.

In this interactive virtual workshop, the Databricks Media and Entertainment Technical Director will walk through the different Databricks solution accelerators we have developed for every stage of the customer journey — from acquisition to engagement, retention and beyond. The M&E technical lead will show you how to take these pre-built notebooks based on best practices now in production at enterprise scale, and implement them into your own environment to stand up more accurate and flexible machine learning models within two weeks.

By joining this session, you will:

  • Hear from our specialist M&E tech lead on how to get started deploying these accelerators
  • Learn how the Databricks solution accelerators quickly drive business value with AI
  • Find out how to save months of dev time with these pre-built solution accelerators for common M&E use cases

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