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Winning at Industry 4.0 With the Lakehouse

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Implementing new or existing Industry 4.0 operational and supply chain revenue improvement or cost saving use cases can be a daunting task considering the need for real-time data ingest, choices with data architectures, organizational considerations and the constraints placed on the business with the potential loss of uptime, throughput or quality. Databricks seeks to help manufacturers achieve superior ROI by bringing together a community of peers with successful track records to help you get a head start on your Industry 4.0 deployments.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Databricks’ point of view on industry challenges
  • How leaders within your sector successfully approached use case deployment
  • How the Lakehouse for Manufacturing is powering Industry 4.0

Viktoria Hermansson
Senior Enterprise Architect, Volvo

Rachel Krueger
Data Engineer,

Christopher Scheefer
Vice President, Intelligent Industry,

David Legrand
Senior Manager, Industry Solutions Marketing – Manufacturing

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